Consulting Testimonials

Steve Stracke | GM

HISD / Aramark Food Service

"ARAMARK would like to thank Cybersoft Technologies, Inc., for its successful completion and implementation of the Houston Independent School District Food Services Internet and Intranet Websites..."

Thomas V. Jacob | VP

Cybercom Resources, Inc.

"... our association with Cybersoft Technologies has been on Projects and Resources, with them having provided us and our clients with highly cost effective solutions and having supported us with resources for complex projects and skills..."

Rolita S. Chan | VP

CNC Investments

"... Our level of efficiency and accuracy has shown significant improvement and yielded substantial time savings. It is comforting to have a knowledgeable group of people available who can show us the best ways to utilize our software and computers, thereby making our operations more efficient."

Leonard Sturm | Consultant

HISD / Business Development

"We can truly say that it has been a pleasure to work with the staff of Cybersoft Technologies. From the beginning, the Cybersoft staff dedicated time to acquainting themselves with all aspects of our marketing environment, offering creative input, and providing technical expertise..."